We are a nonprofit organization focused on developing young Black males, helping them to create a connection with others whom they can relate, where they develop a sense of belonging.


Tiffany Taylor (pictured below) is the founder of Mothers of Black Sons.  As the mother of four black sons she understands the  challenges they encounter each day.  She decided to change the narrative by starting this nonprofit organization to provide resources for young black males in her community.

Her goal is to create an opportunity for these young men to engage in a community with others who they can relate to about life and other matters.  The goal is to facilitate opportunities where these young men develop a sense of belonging.


Young black males in the United States encounter challenges on a daily basis due to various factors.  We have seen numerous murders of black males in our communities and they looked liked many of the young men in the picture below.  It is time to change the narrative.

The Mothers of Black Sons (MOBs) is a nonprofit organization to develop black males in the Athens-Clarke County community in Georgia.  The program is designed to engage these young men in positive activities that will hopefully save them from being in a adverse situation.  The mothers of the young men are also encouraged to participate with their sons.




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The narrative about young Black males youth has not always been one of hope and excitement.  Our nation has remained silent about the disparities that exist between Black males and their counterparts of other races.  In fact, it is known that young Black male youth have a higher risk of being murdered or placed in a socially disadvantaged  life, which is based on a number of factors.  Despite the factors that sometimes restrict Black male youth, some are on a path to success and toward a strong future.  The articles below will provide insight about why this organization and others like it matter.

Mothers of Black sons seeks to add support for single mothers who are raising Black sons.  There are single mothers who are doing the best with the resources they have available, and MOBs can provide help through programs for young Black males. This is a nonprofit organization with a Board of Directors to help the founder with ideas to ensure success.  The initiatives to help the participants will be engaging and beyond the scope of simple lecture format.  In fact, the program components will vary so that these young men feel empowered to remain in the program until they graduate from high school.

This is a program for young men in kindergarten to the 12th grade.  The mothers of the participants' are also encouraged to participate in activities specifically for them and some with their sons.


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