The Founder and Program Director

The Mothers of Black Sons Board of Directors help structure ad guide the overall program.  The Board remains actively engaged with the MOBs director to ensure success of the initiatives for the young men who participate.  Each member of the Board has made a commitment to offer talent and resources in hopes of making this an rewarding experience for young Black males in the community.

We hope that you join us with your financial contribution to the program.  We are also seeking your support for the programs offered, and sharing ideas for programs that you believe will benefit the young men or the mothers.  It would be exciting to develop partnerships with community organizations and foundations/organizations who award grants for programs that are purposely changing the narrative for young Black men in America.




Tiffany Taylor noticed an opportunity in her community that required immediate attention.  She understands the ongoing narrative about Black males in America and wanted to change the trajectory for young Black males.  

She created the Mothers of Black Sons movement to provide a community for young Black males in Athens, GA and is also offering an outlet for the mothers of the young men.  Her goal is to provide resources, facilitate conversations, and create mentoring that will begin to help young Black males realize their potential.

Tiffany is a mother of young Black males, and understands the daily challenges her sons encounter every day.  Her story is like many other mothers, where she is raising a family with the resources available while managing other priorities in her life.

Tiffany has started a movement that will hopefully help young Black males understand their ability to be a strong contributing member of their community and the world.